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Hello my name is Andy Moore. For fun I'd like to write about myself using only the ten hundred most used words.


Right now I am living in Austin Texas, a nice town were people really do consider the the things happening to the world around us. There is also lots of music, places to visit, and funny people to meet. I've been here in Austin for five less than twenty years. A few years ago I finished college, but before going to study I've always been interested in taking pictures and making things using computers. The thing about me is I really do enjoy helping others by making things people like to look at.


I believe pictures are a good way to remember beautiful and important moments, and it turns out others agree--and are happy when I do my best to find the right picture moments. Other people ask for more simple ideas made of lines, words, forms, and color that are expressions of what it is they are doing or trying to share with others. For me to make these things I spend time listening and learning about what people are trying to make, and I do not worry if it takes me a couple tries to make something they like. 


If you would like me to take pictures or make something on the computer, we can talk about it and work out a deal. If you are interested please send me your thoughts and ideas.


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